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Contract Logistics | Panca Budi Logistindo

PBL is your preferred logistics contract partner as your logistics partner in your complex supply chain management. Our integrated services cover all aspects of logistics, from planning, execution and logistics control. We design logistics solutions that are able to transform your logistics operations from challenges into substantial competitive advantages.

Our service support assets:

  • More than 400 employees
  • Team of professionals and experts in various logistics fields
  • 300 More fleet of trucks with various models, Ex. Head Trillers with 20 "& 40", Wingbox (Tronton, Built Up), Tronton Box, Fuso Box, Colt Diesel Box and Colt Engkel Box.
  • 200,000 sqm warehousing area
  • Extensive network throughout Indonesia.
  • Supported by 200 more logistics partners

System services we aim to:

  • As an extension of your business, we ensure that we fully understand your industry's needs so that we are able to anticipate and adjust your logistics needs patterns, respond quickly and effectively to the changing and trending market conditions of the day
  • Ensuring the excellence of your logistics operations pattern consistently across all aspects of logistics through good process and metric standards.
  • Ensure and develop supply chain systems based on Information Systems and Technology (IT) through the development of visibility and knowledge of management services.

Our service capabilities:

  • Ordering including pickup and packing of goods
  • Distribution of orders to all regions, domestic and foreign
  • Safe warehouse with best service facilities
  • Inventory controls, including stock counting and the ability to handle reorder of goods
  • Special services: Product quality checks, labeling manufacture and installation, creating, handling and sending invoices
  • Packaging process, ticketing and labeling for certain market markets
  • Logistics management consulting services 

Our Logistics Contract Management team has experience in various fields of Logistics Industry, such as Transportation Industry, Warehousing, Inventory Control, Distribution and IT. We look carefully at all the logistical challenges you face and perform a thorough analysis of the operational and logistics systems that adjust to your business needs. Then we design and build optimized solutions tailored to your business needs, costs and concepts.

Benefits you get:

  • Reduced asset load and increased financial return
  • Enhance and facilitate the function Stock inventory control goods
  • Improve service function and higher customer quality