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Customs And Document Clearance Services | Panca Budi Logistindo

Long wait for custom clearance, incomplete or errored documents which results in delays in the distribution of goods, thus disrupting the supply chain processes and delivery of goods.

To minimize your customs problem, PBL provides the following services:

  • Customs import and maintenance system integrated with our sea and air transport operations.
  • Customs clearance services handled directly by our legal and licensed professional team
  • Information systems linked to existing customs authorities.

The import-export and customs clearance services of PBL are integrated with our worldwide operational systems. Our professional customs team is able to handle your needs when required and enabling compliance with applicable regulations, such as the  "in-house" regulation. In addition, our computerized system is also connected to various customs authorities.

Our customs clearance services serve comprehensively, including:

  • Import maintenance services in general                               
  • Exhibitions Goods and imported goods to be re-exported
  • Private personal belongings
  • Inbound and outbound customs clearance services
  • All customs clearance of imported goods
  • The process of customs clearance and support delivery of goods to the destination and the process of discharge
  • On-demand storage facility from importers.