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Project Cargo | Panca Budi Logistindo

As a testament to the commitment of PBL excellence, we have the expertise to address complex geographical challenges and operational scenarios and manage logistics operations with all the limitations under certain conditions. We have experience to handle shipping to remote areas with all the geographic challenges that exist, with no regular shippers in the area.

The services of Project Cargo include:

  • Airfreight Forwarder, Marine Ship (LCT, Barge, etc.) to serve multimodal shipping or special projects to any destination or location throughout the region.
  • Delivery of goods with over capacity dimension or weight will be transported by using the cranes and then proceed to multi axle trailer. Our expert personnel have the technical knowledge and experience to manage all complex activities in various fields, even those in the region the most in hospitable, especially in Indonesia.
  • Advanced study and shipment planning: Feasibility study of the route, survey of road conditions and availability of fleet support from the schedule, availability, quantity, etc. to ensure the execution of the project can run perfectly from start to finish.

          "We plan the work and do the plan." 

  • Expertise on Regulation and Legislation: We understand the applicable laws and regulations in each region, which enables us to handle and navigate each trip to overcome obstacles to make the shipment run smoothly, quickly and safely.