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Air Freight | Panca Budi Logistindo

PBL is currently recognized as one of the leading air transport services company in Indonesia with a wide range of air logistics service solutions with the ability, visibility and efficient monitoring through our IT infrastructure. Each year the PBL handles thousands of tons of goods, traverses the national and international market markets, through remote places across the archipelago.

Our Air Freight team expertly handles quality air freight services around the world. You can count on PBL to:

  • Stay connected with major carrier services
  • Standard IT and operational systems
  • Cargo Standard 2000 concerning the planning and monitoring that we apply for each shipment
  • System palette
  • Containerized system
  • Break Bulk System
  • Ability to serve General Cargo Type
  • Ability to serve cargo types that are not durable, such as: fruit, fish, vegetables, meat, etc...
  • Ability to serve live cargo types, such as: fish, birds, dogs, etc.
  • Delivery of documents or packaged goods (Courier)

Every delivery of PBL items is planned, controlled and measured according to Cargo 2000 procedures. This means that our goods are monitored door to door within our network.