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Sea Freight | Panca Budi Logistindo

LCL (Less Than Container Load) or Load less than container capacity.

For small quantity of shipping that is less than one full container, you can count on us as an alternate option for shipping your LCL (Less than Container Load) goods from port to port to the rest of the world. PBL's comprehensive approach to LCL management is to ensure fast and reliable shipments to the world. Our philosophy is to control the flow of cargo, transit time, cost and accuracy of information. PBL continues to provide Sea freight services by building an independent LCL network around the world that focuses on our customers' business objectives.


Our advantages are:

  • Direct route delivery to ensure timely and maximum delivery
  • Competitive prices (only for commercial loads that do not contain personal effects, household appliances, cars, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Minimize the risk of damage to goods by minimizing trans-loading
  • One-door-service for all your LCL needs
  • Have access to over 1,000 global shipping a week


By leveraging our LCL service capabilities, it enables you to:

  • Utilize the choice of the maximum route with sufficient ship space capacity
  • Improving sustainable services by maintaining stability 


FCL (Full Container Load) or charged with full capacity per container

PBL is able to provide full, independent and competitive professional services with our "One Door Service" program. Our Customer Service always provides quality service directly, and with just one call, either via phone or e-mail. We are able to integrate our services with your operations to support the business process in your company, as we are committed to keep you informed for each process and step.