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Inland Transportation | Panca Budi Logistindo

Panca Budi Logistindo (PBL) is one of the subsidiaries of Panca Budi Group. We are a growing company that has ten years of experience inLand Transportation. Part of our business offers domestic transport services, projects, project delivery requiring special handling and 3PL. We offer our best service in various options with advantages for our customers meet expectations and satisfaction.

Currently, we operate more than 300 trucks of various types and models to serve our various customers throughout Indonesia. We use vehicles such as Container 20" and 40" Container Trucks, Wing BoxTrucks, Box Trucks, Open Tub Trucks and more, with models ranging from HeadTrailer, Tronton, Fuso, CDD, CDE to MiniVan. We currently serve the delivery of Domestic Trucking (3PL) such as electronics, chemicals, food and beverage, automotive BUMN and others.

For our Truck specifications are as follows:

  •   MiniVan is a small car with a carrying capacity of 500 Kg to 1 ton
  •   CDE(Cold Diesel Engkel) is a 4 tire truck with a maximum capacity of 2 tons
  •   CDD(Cold Double Diesel) is a 6 tire truck with a maximum weight of 5 tons
  •   Engkel/Fuso is a 6 tire truck and weights a maximum of 10 tons
  •   Tronton is a 10 tire truck with a maximum weight of 20 tons
  •   Head Trailer with a carrying capacity of 20 feet and 40 feet


 Our Trucking Services include:

  •   Rental Truck only
  •   Rental Truck + Driver
  •   Rental Truck + Driver + Operating Cost (Package per month per truck)
  •   Rental Truck per Trip per delivery by contract
  •   Trip Base with Volume contract
  •   Tonnage or Cubicase Contract
  •   Less than Load capacity Truck - Less Than Truck Load (LTL)


Our Truck coverage area:

  •   All areas of Java
  •   All areas of Bali
  •   All areas of East Nusa Tenggara
  •   All areas of West Nusa Tenggara
  •   All areas of Sumatra


Our Operations Management System:

Driver Management System

  •  KPI(Key Performance Indicator) for Driver
  •  Governance of Driver Recruitment Standards
  •  Reward & Punishment
  •  Safety Knowledge Driving course, Daily Briefing, Driver Operations Training,
  •  Check points of Driver's rest point, and Safety Patrol Management
  •  BPJS for driver and family
  •  And others.


Fleet management system:

  •  Order Planning Control
  •  Control Tower
  •  Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)
  •  Supervision and reporting of GPS analysis, Truck Licensing Management
  •  Truck Asset Management
  •  Etc


Workshop Management System:

  •  Periodic maintenance
  •  Spare part and procurement management
  •  Storing or repairing trucks in operating conditions
  •  Etc