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Information Technology | Panca Budi Logistindo

Transportation Management System

PBL implements a computerized system in our transportation activities. It is able to provide convenience and accuracy in the implementation and control in every activity of our transportation system.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the basic application in our system that is implemented in all our transportation activities.

One of the values we provide to all our customers is to see the position of our fleet when we deliver your goods. This aims to provide certainty and comfort to all our customers, wherever and whenever your shipment with informative and accurate detail.

The benefits you get from our system are:

  •   Higher on-time delivery assurance
  •   Lower transportation costs
  •   Guaranteed safety and security of delivery
  •   Effectiveness for return of documents because we use E-POD system

Planning and decision making

TMS will determine the most efficient transport scheme according to given parameters, which have lower or higher importance according to the user's policy, e.g. based on:

  •  Transportation Costs
  •  Shorter lead-time
  •  Minimize the point of dismissal
  •  etc.

Transportation Execution

TMS will process the implementation of transportation activity plan, for example the level of acceptance, Dispatching, etc.

Follow-up of transportation planning:

TMS will manage and follow all operational and administrative processes related to transportation:

  • Ability to perform tracking from time to time (Origin of delivery from Point A, Arrival at Point B, Custom Clearance, etc.).
  • Ability to edit editing process
  • Custom clearance
  • Invoicing and booking documents
  • Ability to send transport alarms (Delays, Accidents, stops outside planning)

Level of measurement Logistics Indicators:

TMS has the ability as a Logistics performance indicator as a function of standard reporting of transport performance

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management has many parts ranging from inventory and shipping to customer service management and security, as our customers need to optimize their overall operations, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the key to your problem. By automating various processes, our WMS Software can minimize human error, maximize efficiency and productivity, and have a positive impact on the overall business.

The benefits of our TMS include:

Reduce Operational Cost

Our WMS is designed to reduce operating costs in various ways. Our system is able to determine the most effective use of labor and areas, thus reducing waste. Expirable and easily damaged goods are selected first. Optimization of storage locations to facilitate the process of collection and sorting of goods in order to make annual cost savings in all aspects.

A more simple J.I.T Inventory

You can produce balanced and timely inventory management very easily with the right WMS program. Waste, scrap and expiration of  items can be minimized. This is because your merchandise is stored in the right location and in the most effective order. Record accuracy is increasing drastically, capable of minimizing the number of on-hand, safety stock can be maintained in accordance with the size and lot.

Continuous Improvement

With our TMS, this will make it easier for your company to stay on the cutting edge of development. We continue to improve and develop our WMS process based on the latest in innovative developments.

Increased security guarantee continuously

Our system requires employees to use their respective user accounts when making transactions. This creates an audit trail that links employees to one another with certain transactions, which inevitably increases accountability and reduces the risk of theft and other issues. This is also to make it easier for entrepreneurs to identify new training opportunities or in other words to improve better employee performance.

Process Optimization

With our WMS, you can optimize your warehousing process by customizing your business. For example, you can choose from a variety of item retrieval algorithms, including areas, and retrieval according to batch. This makes it easier for you to determine which process works best for your business. Our system is also compatible with many input methods, including Smart area, barcoding and RFID, which allows you to further simplify the process of taking items.

Maximize the demand for goods

Our WMS system helps you deliver orders to the fullest and more consistently. Our system helps you realize clear demand recorders. Ascertained the number of your order will increase drastically after using our WMS system. What's more, our WMS system can predict or forecast your demand in the future with enough accuracy, so you can be one step ahead in your business industry.

Maximize Human Resources (HR)

Our system allows you to easily determine which process of picking and packing is most effective for your business. Our platform requires data as a special material handling requirement by being able to adjust the capacity and size of your warehouse to ensure that labor is used to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Increased Employee Spirit

As operations go smoothly, your employees will automatically feel better about their work environment. It is ensured that there will be increased productivity and profitability to improve worker mood. This all adds to the enthusiastic and satisfied workforce, thereby enhancing the overall success of your business.

Enhanced Transparency

Our Warehouse management system provides complete transparency for the balance of inventory and direct use of goods, enabling you to more effectively map each of your business processes. With reduced waiting time, this helps minimize the ultimate risk of excess inventory management that has the potential to disrupt your cash flow. In addition, with your employees having access to real-time data, they can provide customers with more accurate information quickly and on time.

Improve business relationship

The benefits of our warehouse management system (WMS) are designed to exceed your expectations. With Supply Chain optimization and demand management, this can reduce the supplier's waiting time at the dock and speed up the loading process. Your customers will enjoy reduced delivery lead time and accuracy of orders.

And finally your business reputation among your customers and suppliers will be better by using our WMS.